My plays have been produced in Toronto, New York, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Chicago, San Francisco, at Fringe Festivals in Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto and Edinburgh, and in London, England. My best known theatrical works include Rosalie Sings Alone (Tarragon Theatre), If Betty Should Rise (Buddies in Bad Times), Touch (Buddies in Bad Times - Dora Award winner), The World We Live On Turns So That the Sun Appears to Rise (Buddies in Bad Times), Bloodshow (Buddies in Bad Times), Thieves in the Night (Under the Umbrella), Stay (White Queen Theatre - Dora Award nominee) and Mattachine (Proving Ground Theatre/Toronto Fringe Festival). In 2015 I staged the precursor of my novel The Bone Mother, titled The Thimble Factory, as one of the last shows at the celebrated performance space Videofag.


An experienced radio dramatist, I have written CBC Radio adaptations of William Gibson's The Winter Market and H.G.Wells's The Island of Dr. Moreau and an original Morningside drama on HIV/AIDS titled Alaska, as well as a radio series for precocious children based on the writings of Lewis Carroll, titled Alice in Cyberspace. I was also the host and creator, with producer Li Robbins, of the CBC Radio music/performance series Minutes to Midnight.


My publications include the short-fiction cycle Seven Dreams and the collected Alice in Cyberspace episodes in book form, as well as appearances in anthologies Making, Out! (Touch), Canadian Brash (If Betty Should Rise and Rosalie Sings Alone), Outspoken (Rosalie Sings Alone), and the McGraw-Hill Ryerson high school textbook Rattling the Stage (The World We Live On Turns So That the Sun Appears to Rise). The first five pieces from Seven Dreams were published in Andrei Codrescu's legendary literary magazine Exquisite Corpse, and all seven were translated and published in Russia. My reviews, essays, interviews and columns have appeared in The Walrus, Toronto Life, The Body Politic, The Toronto Star, Xtra!, What! Magazine and Prairie Fire. For several years I was a contributing writer at Torontoist. My first novel, from ChiZine Publications, is The Bone Mother.

Film & TV

I began my film career in 1980 at the Winnipeg Film Group, where I wrote and directed the short film Rushes, and wrote the script for Ed Ackerman's animated film Sarah's Dream (which was featured in Gregory Zbitnew's behind-the-scenes film Live Studio Sound).My work with the Winnipeg Gay Media Collective resulted in a half-hour video drama, which I wrote and directed, titled Flying South. In 1999, I returned to film, and attended the Canadian Film Centre's Professional Screenwriting Programme (a.k.a. 'the Bootcamp'), their senior program for film and television writers. Subsequently I developed two CBC Television-commissioned projects, a drama titled Ghosts of Toronto and the comedy series Prima Donna.